I’m not really a petrol head. However, I have always liked cars a lot and the older I’ve become the more I have started to lean towards classics. A few years ago, I was fortunately in a position to buy a red MGC & loved it. What was not so good was the seemingly endless flow of money to keep it in tip top working condition; this despite it being an overall excellent old car.

So, I began to search around & came across the world of restomod. It instantly made sense to be able to enjoy a classic design with modern performance and the reliability & durability of a new car that I could use on a daily basis.

The aspect of analogue style controls/appearance also appealed as respite from digital everything else in life. And driving wise I wanted something to actually engage with on the road, rather than be a kind of passive onlooker.

I soon found Retropower. Not actually knowing what car I wanted to create was of no consequence to the guys; I simply bought a load of car magazines & cut out what cars I liked – the old school way. Eventually I sat down with Callum & went through the possibilities, and immediately I was consumed with the excitement of the creative process as much as looking forward to the outcome.

We settled on a Jaguar Mk2 & kicked about firstly the styling enhancements – not easy with such an already beautiful car – & secondly the mechanical improvements including committing the heretic act of switching to a Japanese engine & BMW M5 gearbox

I absolutely loved kicking around all the details of the build from the tiniest upwards. The collaboration with Cal was something I enjoyed immensely. I started to get really excited as I looked forward to the weekly update, usually via a video

What I also quickly appreciated was the skill & talent of the entire Retropower team. These guys are true artisans who effectively create works of art that happen to move you from A to B with panache. I actually felt proud of being a client of this humble yet outstanding British business

The Jag is a real head-turner with amazing power; a surprise to those I gracefully accelerate past. The finishing attention to detail is phenomenal, both the wonderful interior and the sexy body work. The engine bay is designed to look like a car of its era but underneath lurks a state-of-the-art monster

I love that it’s the only one in the world & will never tire of showing it off.

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