What attracted me to Retropower in the first place was the quality of their work, evidenced through lots of social media coverage that gave me comfort there was nothing to hide.  The quality of the work became clear from an early stage and remained consistent throughout, no matter whether the task at hand entailed fabrication, bodyshop or reassembly – I won’t waste time telling you what you can probably see for yourself in their ever-increasing social media output.

It’s the people that work there that really help Retropower stand apart, more so than the quality of the work they produce. It’s a bit like an old fashioned business, and I mean that in a wholly complimentary fashion; Callum and Nat, the brothers who own Retropower, are passionate, intelligent and fair in every dealing I had with them.  Nothing was too much trouble, and we had a lot of good sparring throughout as we debated ideas for my Chevette. Callum and Nat’s combined knowledge drove the Chevette build to another level, partly as they were only too happy to challenge me constructively throughout, pointing out aspects I hadn’t considered and areas where my knowledge was limited or dated.

The result of this combined approach to project building is a something quite exceptional, a car that I’m enormously proud of.  The end result is as much my collective vision as Retropower’s, and yet at no point did it feel like I wasn’t in control.

I live locally to Retropower and was therefore able to visit regularly, and the guys were always welcoming and willing to spare time to show me progress and debate the next lot of  work.  Through this I got to know the other seven or eight guys who work there, and I can say to a man everyone employed in Retropower ‘gets it’.  They understand the cars they’re working on, bring their own ideas and are proud of the part they play in each project.

The responsibility Callum took to deliver a finished car on the due date was exceptional as the project entered its final stage, and I was able to drive the 350-mile round-trip to Goodwood with confidence for a test-run!  I could continue, but I think you’d be better to get in touch with them yourself and go and meet them – a proper business that makes our expensive hobbies that much more of a pleasure to complete.

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