Motorsport Magazine isn’t so much a car magazine as a publishing institution; it has been going since 1924 and remains among the most respected and influential of all such publications. It was therefore something of an honour to learn that Retropower had been selected for inclusion within the magazine’s ‘Master Craftsmen’ section, and a once in a lifetime opportunity to show some seriously prestigious motoring journos what makes us so unique.

“Cutting out the heart of a car with historical importance would be a crime; picking and mixing parts of mass-produced vehicles to make something fresh is creative, and I think it’s inspiring.”

“Nat is the qualified automotive engineer who designs the suspensions and structures; Callum is the creative element in charge of design and assembly – and those invisible details.”

“I get the impression that it’s solving problems that enthuses Cal and Nat, although plenty of those problems are self-inflicted. Take this ’68 Chevrolet Camaro: I can see that none of the metalwork in the engine bay was shaped by GM.

“A certain level of OCD is desirable to work here.”

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