The excellent ‘Car & Classic’ website has been a feature of Retropower life for some time now, largely as it’s all but impossible for us to go a week without browsing its expansive classified section for a would-be project or tantalisingly out of reach dream car. It’s compelling stuff, so the news that Car & Classic has expanded to include an online-only editorial section was greeted warmly by everyone at RP, as was the publication’s request to come and visit us. Click through to read what they made of us and our work.

“One place to consider would be Retropower up in Leicestershire. Stepping foot into the unassuming industrial unit reveals a vibrant hub of activity. Everyone is busy, everyone is doing something. There’s no slacking going on. But nobody looks to be there under duress or just to pay the bills. There’s a chipper, upbeat energy in the air. These guys love what they do.”

“There’s no brand affinity here. NSU Ro80? Yup, they’re working on one – a full restoration if you’re wondering. Mercedes-Benz SL ‘Pagoda’? Yep, got one of those, too. Mk1 Escort? Of course. Nissan Sunny coupe… um, yeah, why not? Lancia Stratos? Oh, go on then.”

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