Few car and car culture websites are as well read or as long lasting as Pistonheads, which is why we were only too happy to show the guys around the Retropower workshops in the autumn of 2018. Click through to read the full article, or scroll down to see some choice quotes taken from it.

“But building for Murray they are, and while the Ford isn’t necessarily the most challenging project in the workshop – that title falls to an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint that’s sat a few feet away with an all-new front-end that’s been fabricated by hand, from scratch, with only the rotten original panels and images as guides – the Mk1 Escort is a great illustration of the skill on hand here.”

“I love customers like this,” smiles Callum. “They have enough money to buy a supercar, but they’d rather have something different that nobody else has. This guy could drive anything but he just loves Sunnys. I can really respect that.” 

“In a world where some of the finest cars are treated more like commodities than feats of engineering, it feels like the kind of mission statement we needed to hear. Of course, what Callum and Nat need to hear is that next door has vacated its warehouse. The revolution won’t wait.”

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