Classic Jaguar’s feature on the XJC 430 reflects the intense interest this car has generated since breaking cover earlier this year. The car itself was built to be the ultimate cruiser, a classic Jag capable of crossing continents in serene, understated and reliable fashion, which isn’t something you could ever really claim of the original! One of Browns Lane’s most iconic shapes, just rendered more powerful and more reliable by the addition of an LS3 V8.

“I discovered Retropower and made contact, and it sticks in my mind that Callum said ‘I have always wanted to one of them too.’ I got some references and paid them a visit.”

“Once we had a bare bodyshell, ideas developed. The rear wheel arches, for example, are to the same profile as the fronts. Then we started to design a new rear valance as per Ian’s wishes. We also suggested the inset front grille, Spitfire starter button and lower ride height.” 

“With the body repainted in Jaguar Opalescent Gunmental, little design tweaks could be incorporated. The front indicator units are circular, and sit in a re-profiled front valance. The bumper mounts have been adjusted, so the bumpers sit closer to the body. The rear bumper has been reduced to a pair of stylish quarter bumpers, with the front bumper corners grafted onto the original side sections.”

“As we settle down to take some more static photos of the car, I can’t help but just stare at it. To me, this car is just sheer joy in metal form. Retropower has managed to take an already attractive car, and make it better. There really is not a line out of place, and delicious details abound everywhere you look. It certainly is a case of if you must modify something, make sure you do it properly.”

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