Car magazine is something of an institution in the automotive publishing world, it having been in print since 1962, making it well suited to the Retropower treatment itself! We were therefore only too happy to show some of the Car staff around our workshops when they came for a tour and company profile last year, not least as we were able to show them the impressive variety of cars going work at the time – it isn’t every day you see a Mk2 Escort sharing space with a Mazda RX3.

“The breadth of the work is as puzzling as the attention to detail is impressive. But as is so often the case, Retropower has grown organically from a passion for cars rather than some far-sighted business plan.”

“All our cars get their own Facebook page, and we photographically detail every step of the build. If I were a customer, I’d be questioning the build process if I couldn’t see that,” reasons Callum.

“Our desire is to make amazing cars. Our customers want things perfect, and I’ve never understood why some work isn’t to that level – we’ve never seen welding on a car done somewhere else that hasn’t needed re-doing,” says Callum. “If someone wants a car restored to make money, we’re not interested in it. We want creative, interesting work that fulfils people’s dreams.” 

“It’s all a long way from two brothers tidying up old cars on the side, and intriguing to wonder what projects they’ll tackle next. But whether you bring them a Fiesta or a Ferrari, it seems the attention to detail will be the same.” 


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