One of our recently completed projects, and also among the most popular. Alastair’s Chevette has been built as a track and rally car, something reflected in its uncompromising spec list. You’ll have to check out the full feature to get all the details, but the condensed version consists of a Paul Exon built C20XE with Jenvey throttle bodies and hyper aggressive cams, a Quaife sequential ‘box and a five-linked Atlas axle. It’s a car which harks back to the glory days of Group 4 rallying, albeit one also infused with modern technology.

“You might have heard about them (Retropower) via their other projects, including a Mk1 Escort for the one and only Gordon Murray, or their succession of increasingly lairy Manta 400s. They were perfectly placed to take Alasdair’s Chevette to the next level. 

“The single most impressive element of this build is one of the least obvious, its suite of electronics and control systems. The suite itself is from Life Racing and has much in common with the systems favoured by many of the current crop of WRC and WEC teams, and one glance at its capabilities tells you why.”

“The close relationship that developed between Alasdair and Retropower brothers Nat and Callum became the guiding force of the build, with the choice of engine being a good example. Alasdair had intended to replace the 2.3 ‘slant four’ with an identically sized Duratec, though the compromises inherent in its installation eventually convinced him to instead plump for a C20XE, an engine Retropower knows a great deal about.” 


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