Precious few automotive brands have enjoyed as much success as that of Top Gear, and as such we didn’t need to be asked twice when the team at Top Gear Magazine made contact to ask if they could feature Retropower within the ‘Retro’ section of their esteemed publication.

Wind forward a few fraught, pandemic-blighted months, and TG’s own Tom ‘Wookie’ Ford was happily ensconced within Retropower HQ, poking around our current projects, asking questions and generally getting a feel of what it is that makes us unique. The happy end result is one of the most insightful features we’ve yet had the pleasure of reading; a true window into the mindset that underpins Retropower, the people that work here, and the sort of unique, jaw-looseningly cool cars we strive to build. It’s a compelling read, make no mistake.

Make sure to pick-up a copy of the February 2021 issue of Top Gear magazine if you’d like to learn more.




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