There aren’t as many performance motoring publications as well read and well respected as Evo, a magazine that’s been nothing short of a sales sensation since its launch 21 years ago. You can probably imagine the sense of anticipation coursing through Retropower when Evo announced its intention to pay us all a visit some weeks back, and it turns out it was well warranted – just check out the December 2019 issue to see what we’re on about!

“Or a pair of Chevy LS V8-powered Mercedes-Benz Fintails that look as they’ve just escaped from Gotham City, with Jaguar XJ running gear and a completely scratch-built interior that makes the so-called luxury of a new S-class look hopelessly chintzy and naff?”

“In short, it almost doesn’t matter what car you want to drive – the brothers’ work is only limited by the breadth of your dreams, from muscle cars to retro hot hatches, supercars to classic saloons. Frankly, I suspect if you turned up with a sketch of a flying hovercraft, you’d not be turned away.”

“As we standing in the middle of the bodyshop, Nat and Cal attempt to talk me through their typical process, while all around there’s the evil crackle of welding torches, the clang of hammers on virgin metalwork and the odd shower of sparks. There’s an energy and passion that you can feel – it makes me think of those American hot-rod ‘shops’ on obscure TV channels, except it couldn’t be more British and down-to-earth if it tried.”

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