Ah, Goodwood. Other British circuits might have hosted a greater number of Grand Prixs and be better known by the average man or woman in the street, but few other bastions of motorsport heritage can claim to be as spectacular or as steeped in sporting history. This pretty, innocuous looking circuit nestled within the glorious Sussex countryside has been doing its own, octane-burning thing since 1948, confirming it as a cornerstone of the UK’s motorsport community.

Goodwood’s heritage, its position within sporting history, and the sheer loveliness of the place were more than enough to convince us that there could be no finer venue for our 10th birthday bash. The icing on the cake? The chance to pair it with the second ever running of the Retro Rides Weekender. Last year’s running was one of our favourite shows of the year, and 2019’s promises to be even better.

We’ll be publishing more specific details of the events we have planned for the weekend in due course, but, seeing as the car is very much the star in this respect, we thought it only right and proper that we throw the spotlight on the various old school motors we plan on showcasing on our stand on the weekend of 19th-19th of May.

Audi Sport Quattro

Very much part of the Retropower fabric by dint of being both well known and completed some years ago, this homage to Audi’s bluff, sawn off shotgun-cum-Group B rally car is sure to be a popular attraction at Goodwood. It might have been designed to be more at home in the murk of Kielder morning than a sun-bleached Goodwood, but we’re sure its five-pot bark will sound just as compelling.

Alfa Romeo GT Junior

The Quattro’s five cylinder bark a tad too uncouth and forced induced for your tastes? Then fret not, we have you more than covered with this, the Alfa Romeo GT Junior. It’s lightweight, looks achingly pretty and handles so well its spooky, this thanks to its custom De Dion rear suspension setup. Oh yes, it’s also powered by a screaming 2.7 Millington Diamond engine, so there’s that…

Ford Escort Mk1

There are Ford Escorts, and there are Ford Escorts…but there’s only one Escort being built to order by one of the world’s foremost automotive engineering gurus, one Gordon Murray. That’s right, we’ve opted to mark our 10th birthday by taking the wraps off this very special, highly anticipated, Cosworth powered Mk1. It promises to be a very special occasion, even if we do say so ourselves.

Ford Cortina Mk2

Another Ford, albeit one powered by an engine not normally associated with Dagenham’s finest, the Toyota 4AGE. This particular Cortina was built by us some years ago and while it garnered plenty of attention and praise at the time, it has since slipped under the radar. Retro Rides Weekender looks set to be the ideal opportunity to set that right.

Greetham Imp

Another official debut for another current Retropower project, the Greetham Imp. Greetham Engineering never attained the kind of cult following enjoyed by some of its contemporaries and fellow tuning outfits, but that hasn’t stopped the owner of this example from lusting after his own, exquisitely built, track-focussed screamer. Well, it will be if we can get it finished in time…

Jaguar XJC 430

Another of the best known of our creations, and with good reason – even if we do say so for ourselves! Built to be the ultimate homage to one of Coventry’s most beautiful creations (albeit with added power and reliability), the big Jaaaaag is packed to the gunnels with custom touches and one-off tweaks. There’s also its engine, a big, 400bhp LS3 V8, an addition which has served to ruffle the odd purist feather.

Opel Manta 400 R

It’s a Manta 400 replica right enough, albeit one with a number of decidedly non-European tweaks, not least it’s all-wheel drive, Nissan Skyline sourced drivetrain. The car was built as a comfy continent cruiser, albeit one with a hefty shot of RB-derived power, and as such boasts a plush interior, air con and plenty of other touches, none of which you’d have found on the spec sheet of a genuine Manta 400.

Opel Ascona 400R

The first of two Opel Ascona replicas slated to grace the Retropower stand at Goodwood, and also one of the most significant cars we’ve ever built. Commissioned by Curt Pattinson a full decade ago, the Ascona was actually the very first ground up, bare shell restoration we agreed to undertake, and as such it’s an Opel we all feel a degree of sentimental attachment to.

Opel Ascona 400R

Another Opel Ascona 400 replica, granted, albeit one a long, long way removed from the cars built by Russelheim in order to satisfy the FIA’s homologation requirements. This example is powered by a supercharged C20XE, sports BBS split rims…and a stunning shade of retina scorching orange.

Opel Kadett C GTE Rally Car

Opel’s association with rallying at all levels goes back further than the Ascona and Manta B, with much of the firm’s formative success having been achieved with variants of the Kadett C GTE, which is precisely what this car has been built to do. It will be swapping forest special stages for Goodwood for the Retro Rides Weekender.

Vauxhall Chevette Turbo

Luton’s answer to the Escort Mk2 never sold as strongly or attracted quite as much attention, which we think is a shame. It would doubtless have faired rather better if’d been available in a variant similar to this underrated saloon, complete with a 300bhp C20LET.

Vauxhall Chevette HSR R

A fitting tribute to those wide-arched HSRs thrown between Irish hedges and Manx walls at the dawn of the 1980s, just with more power and sophistication thanks to a Paul Exon built 2.3 Redtop and Life Racing management. One of the finest Group 4 rally cars ever homologated, just given the Retropower treatment.

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