We build cars for customers, single-minded petrolheads with a love for old school machines with custom touches and one-off engineering. It’s what we’ve been doing for the best part of a decade and what gets us up in the morning, but it can sometimes have a useful (and certainly appreciated side-effect) – video worthy feature cars, hence the Car Throttle effort shown here.

The Alfa Romeo GT Junior is perhaps the perfect example of this, and it’s also a Retropower project that’s regularly named as being a firm favourite amongst those that like their Italian classics loud, focussed and capable of giving far more modern cars a damn good kicking should the opportunity arise. Powered by a Millington Diamond engine (a contentious choice, judging by some of the comments posted below said video), the lightweight GT packs a 300bhp punch, all routed through a Sadev six-speed sequential and Sierra Cosworth rear end. It might not be exactly as Alfa Romeo intended, but as the Car Throttle video demonstrates, it most certainly still goes, looks and sounds the part.

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