The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noted that we’ve actually already undertaken an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint restoration, a build that lead directly to the one shown here. Currently in the middle of an extensive fabrication phase, this Giulietta might well be one of the most challenging projects we’ve yet undertaken due to the amount of corrosion riddling the shell, not to mention the number of accidents it has clearly been involved in at various points in its life.

The degree of damage and rot within this shell has been an eye-opener to say the least, with some of the key areas of concern being the inner wings, slam, scuttle and front end panels, A-post pillars, floor pans, boot floor, rear arches, three-quarters and chassis legs. Much of this work has already been carried out, though the rear end still has a long way to go, with final assembly requiring the chassis legs to be welded into place, a foundation on which to base further fabrication work upon.

This is a project that’s been made trickier by the dearth of pattern parts and detailed parts diagrams available, something which has forced Stu to remake custom, one-off panels from scratch, including the rear valance, three-quarters and rear arches. The lower front chassis legs, damaged and knocked out of position through one of the many knocks, have also been remade and straightened, which in turn has caused Stu much head-scratching in order to ensure that the bonnet and front wings will sit as Alfa Romeo intended.

Another complication stems from this Sprint having been converted from left-hand to right-hand drive early on its life, though the quality of the work leaves a great deal to be desired. The owner has sensibly opted to return it to original, left-hand drive configuration, and this has in itself entailed a great deal of metalwork in the interior.


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