What do you do if you’ve commissioned the construction of a custom Mercedes Benz from the 1960s? Well, if you’re the owner of Project Kaiser 1, our W108-based monster, you commission another, hence Project Kaiser II.

Kaiser II is based on the W111, the coupe version. This means that we’ll be working with one of the most graceful pillar-less coupes of the era, and one we’re confident we can work our now customary magic upon. We’ll also be drawing upon the lessons learned in the creation of Kaiser 1, namely the use of Jaguar axles, air suspension and a GM LS3 V8 and associated auto-box, and we hope the end result will be every bit as potent, characterful and purposeful.

Kaiser II is very much on the home straight at the point of typing, with all bodywork complete, a stunning shade of blue applied to the freshly prepared shell, and all running gear in place. We’re very nearly in a position to begin prepping the car for its maiden ‘fire up,’ so stand by for updates via our social media platforms and YouTube account.


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