If the proof of the pudding is in the eating, then the proof of the restomod project car is in the driving, which is how we’ve found ourselves in the enviable position of once again being asked to commence work on a custom Vauxhall Chevette, one with liberal dashings of HSR-style aggression and fast road functionality.

Our last Chevette build centred on another HSR tribute, albeit one intended to be a rally car from the get-go and built and spec’d accordingly. It thus evolved into a brutally powerful, immensely capable bit of kit, and it has subsequently become a regular class winner in the hugely competitive Motorsport News Circuit Rally Championship, and while engendering a stream of positive comments, remarks and enquiries. It was, in short, a very well received car indeed, not to mention one we at Retropower derived a great deal of pleasure from planning and building.

Indeed so pleased were we with the first HSR that we jumped at the chance to build another, hence the Chevette below. OK so it’s a long, long way from being able to keep contemporary spec Escorts humble but there’s clearly scope to change this, which is what we’ll be setting to doing in the next few months.

Of course, we’ll be able to draw upon our experience with the other, older Chevette rally car when it comes to re-engineering this one, most notably the rear-end which we plan on equipping with a fully floating Atlas axle, just like an equivalent spec Ford Escort. Ditto the alloy hubs, which we plan on having drilled to the Ford PCD and enmeshed with a similarly Ford-flavoured suspension arrangement.

Much like our other, older Chevette build, power will come from a Paul Exon built Redtop, so expect as-near-as-makes-no-difference 300bhp, which should be more than enough to make the most of the Quaife six-speed sequential gearbox we also intend to fit.

As for how the Chevette will ultimately look, we’ve yet to finalise that though we can reveal that it will wear the same ‘extra wide’ tarmac HSR bodykit as our previous build, which will of course in turn mandate suitable wide wheels.

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