Our latest project sees us return to familiar ground with an old school American, this ’66 Ford Mustang hardtop. 

The car was imported from its native United States by its current owner, our client, though the deal was done on the understanding that the car had recently been treated to a complete, ground-up restoration, a claim supported by the images sent over at the time. Fast forward some months and the Mustang was dropped outside our hero’s house, whereupon it became painfully apparent that no such re-commissioning process had been started, much less completed.

It was in this state that the Mustang arrived at Retropower in the autumn of 2019, looking decidedly sorry for itself and hiding a multitude of ferrous sins. A restoration was thus begun – a proper one this time, which was how we came to appreciate the litany of bodywork dents, parking dins and rot traps we’d have to address as a matter of course. As the images below will show, this a process we’re presently very much in the middle of, with a vast assortment of pattern panels from the USA as our secret weapon – not to mention our very own ‘Metal Whisperer,’ Stu ‘the panel’ Gunn. 

You can also learn a lot more about this particular project by looking to our dedicated YouTube channel, including the new ‘Retropower Uncut’ video series. 

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