We’re rather partial to old Jaguars here at Retropower, something you might have worked out for yourself if you’ve ever had the good fortune to look over the XJC ‘430’ in person. There’s something about classic examples of Coventry’s finest that’s hard to beat, and that’s before we’re allowed to put our personal, Retropower stamp upon them.

Our latest Jaguar build promises to be one of the most exciting (and challenging) to date – ‘Project Utah.’ Click through to learn more about the history behind Utah and the role it played in the creation of the Mk1 and Mk2, among the most iconic Jaguar of all time.

As you might imagine seeing as we’ve only just had the Jaguar bodyshell dropped off at Retropower HQ, it’s early days at present, and as such the exact plan has yet to be finalised. What we do know is that power will come from a naturally aspirated Toyota 2JZ, with a set of individual throttle bodies thrown in for good measure…and noise! There will also be plenty of bespoke body and interior work, and maybe even some one-off ‘spats’ for the rear wheels.

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