Our latest ‘headline’ build is a Mk2 Jaguar, a project christened ‘Project Utah’ in homage to the prototype cars built and tested by Jaguar in 1952. The concept created by the factory was easily one of the most graceful prototypes of its era, albeit with clear signs of the Mk2 DNA we’ve all since come to know and love – both of which made it a perfect starting point for our own build.

We began by sourcing a suitable donor vehicle for the build, which was how we came to unearth a forlorn looking Mk2 from a local barn (complete with aftermarket wasp’s nest on the front passenger seat). This was subsequently used as a parts car for another, more solid looking example, one we’d actually previously worked upon as part of a partially completed Retropower project.

Bodywork – both custom and restorative – followed just as soon as we’d stripped and blasted the shell, which is where we’d suggest taking a closer look at the images below. Bespoke fabrication was the order of the day from get-go, with our in-house panel-beater Stu working turning his considerable skills to various exterior panels and interior pressings.

We’ve now completed all metalwork, an exhaustive (and at times exhausting) stage and one that’s taken comfortably over a year. This has in turn cleared the way for the step we’re presently engrossed in, paint prep, which as any car painter will tell you with a pained grimace, means sanding, sanding, and some more sanding, just for good measure.

Post-paint plans will see the big Jag transferred to the Assembly Hall, whereupon we’ll be able to commence fitting it with its axles, suspension and running gear, chiefly a throttle-bodied 2JZ.

Make sure to keep up to speed with this rapidly progressing build via our social media platforms and YouTube channel.


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