We’ve continued to work on the interior of Project Kaiser this week, it being one of the most labour intensive elements of the build by dint of the amount of bespoke work it entails. You’ll have heard about the one-piece single console before, though it has only recently been joined by another essential interior element – the cubby hole inlay and associated audio and suspension controls.

We’ve once again used the Retropower 3D printer for this task, and while it took a fair amount of experimentation and the odd trail print run to perfect, we feel that the end result is more than worth it. The inlay is made from carbon fibre reinforced PETG, a material which offers the best balance between strength and ease of extrusion.

Now complete (aside from a coat of flock), the inlay sits within the stainless steel recess shown here, with a sliding ‘lid’ to obscure it from the unwanted attention of those with sticky fingers and loose morals. The inlay itself has been printed with inserts for control knobs, and most importantly of all, the Air Lift Performance control module, effectively meaning that all suspension and audio functionality can be controlled from a single, ergonomically located point. 

There’s still plenty of work to be done before the centre console is complete of course, with Porsche Nappa leather and purple French seams slated to coat much of the interior, the latter within the machined grove running the length of the centre console. Still, it is beginning to come together… 



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