“Located bang in the middle of the UK, Retropower’s comprehensive design, engineering, metalwork, paintwork and vehicle construction facilities allow us to take your project from concept to reality with unrivalled efficiency. Whether your desire is for a sympathetically restored classic, a bespoke custom built car for the road, or a bullet-proof machine for competition, Retropower have the experience, passion and facilities to make your dream a reality.”

Our design abilities range from 2D sketching and concept renderings to 3D CAD modelling of bespoke parts. This ability is the key to allowing us to take our customers ideas and turn them into reality. Hand sketches and renders allow us to illustrate interior and exterior changes so important decisions can be agreed before production begins. complicated components can be drawn in CAD prior to CNC machining, 3D printing or laser cutting.

Our in-house engineering facilities include milling and turning equipment, CNC plasma cutting and extensive precision fabrication equipment. Our 3D CAD abilities combined with local 5-axis CNC machining services allow us to design and manufacture one-off components quickly and efficiently. A fully appointed, ultra-clean engine build room completes our engineering outfit and our expertise includes suspension and chassis design. Put simply, if you can dream it, we can build it!

An essential ability in any restoration shop, our sheetmetal skills are unsurpassed. We have the skills and machinery to create anything from a small repair section to a complete body panel in steel or aluminium. Whether replacing an original panel or creating something entirely from our customer’s imagination we are equally comfortable. Our CNC plasma table allows us to quickly make press tools to recreate original pressing patterns, and our Baileigh English wheel and Pullmax can be combined to create just abut any exterior panelwork you can imagine. We also carry out the preceding media blasting in-house in our large extracted blasting room.

Click through to check out ‘The Metalwork Minute,’ our series of videos detailing some of the bespoke metalwork we carry out on a daily basis.

Critical to maintaining our meticulous quality levels is the ability to carry out paintwork in-house. Our modern downdraught paint booth combined with processes developed over years of striving for perfection ensures we turn out cars which not only look flawless but stand the test of time. Every job starts with a freshly blasted shell which gets Zinc metal spray treated before undergoing meticulous dry sanding of polyester build material. Once this stage is complete the shells are sealed with epoxy primer prior to wet sanding in the run up to final paint. This complete separation of moisture and porous substrates, combined with the anti-corrosive measures we take will ensure a flawless paint finish for years to come.

Away from the dust and debris of the metal and paint shops is the build workshop. Here our cars go from painted bodyshell to completed vehicle. All mechanical and general assembly work is undertaken, including design and build of all fluid systems, wiring harnesses, audio systems, HVAC and interior installations. Surface finishing processes such as chrome plating, anodising and zinc plating are carried out by trusted sub-contractors but everything else occurs under Retropower’s roof.

Retropower’s in-house upholstery department completes our unparalleled car building facility. we have extensive ranges of materials available to us as well as experience sourcing rare OE fabrics where necessary. Our design and manufacturing abilities mean anything is possible including totally one-off interiors featuring little or none of the original factory parts. Our upholsterer’s eye for detail means that every Retropower interior has the same level of quality whether a concourse restoration or a bespoke concept car.

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  • Absolutely love what you guys do. Personally I think that you guys are extremely professional with extreme attention to detail. Probably the best car restoration business around. Certainly better than most of the American ones and the absolute best in the UK. Could you also tell me if you do modern cars like the Mk2 Focus RS.